The Windows Phone Vs Android.

8 Jan

I get asked this question very frequently, “How is the Windows mobile phone? “ Especially cause my emails, have the self proclamatory signature which reads “Sent from my Windows Phone”.

Windows is supposed to be the next big thing in the mobile OS market. What with their “Everything at ONCE” ad, (love that song)

And I am NO official mobile phone expert. I  cannot write about the GB and the RAM and the Hz . However, I am, (like most Indians) a very ardent mobile phone user.  So this is my first hand review about my current phone Nokia Lumia , from a very raw user. A user who needs her songs, and her social networking intact.

  1. The whole Windows vs Google competition makes it a horrifying experience for the user. Replacing Google with Bing? Really. Google is irreplaceable guys. It is irreplaceable!!
  2. The Windows Application  marketplace really needs an upgrade. They have NONE of the cool apps I am used to .They don’t have Instagram. They don’t even have a decent version of Google Talk!
  3. Maybe the whole mistake was buying a Nokia Phone. I am back to the caveman ages, where I have to walk around with a data cable! To transfer songs from my laptop.
  4. By point 3, I mean the Bluetooth is  not compatible with any Android Phone or even my laptop.
  5. Not to mention that like all the prior Nokia Phones, you need a “software” (now called Zune, as if a fancy name, will make up for all the hassle), for it to work with your laptop. Guys heard of the term PLUG AND PLAY!

Shouldn’t I say something positive about it?

  1. Microsoft Office. So if you really want to make a ppt on your phone, and go blind, then yes this is the right phone.
  2. Has a good display ? Maybe? But I know a lot of other phones which do too.
  3. It’s a good looking phone. Yes that matters to some .

I miss my Android phone!  So much for being impulsive when it comes to buying phones. But the good thing is, no matter what brand or OS, all mobile phones only have an average life span of a year. So I am hoping to make my next choice more informed.

So tip to Microsoft: if you really wanna be Everything at Once! (like your ad claims), you should shake hands with google.

P.S: For all those people who asked me to WAIT till the Windows 8 OS was here, maybe I should have. But how much are we expecting them to improve, with a change of a digit?


One Response to “The Windows Phone Vs Android.”

  1. Amrith February 8, 2013 at 3:34 pm #

    Why did you by that phone!?

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