Vacation Reminders

11 Dec

There is this thing about writing. When I know I should do it, and it comes up in my to-do list. But then I think I have to workout, and let everything else go. Now you must be thinking I am a workout junkie. I wish! I am not. At best, I squeeze in 3 days of moderate exercise. But the resolve and mental pressure that goes behind it, makes me feel, if I spend an ounce of my energy anywhere else, I wouldn’t have the energy to workout. I do not enjoy my workouts. I am far from finding an enjoyable way of working out. Something that melts the pounds away, and yet, feels like it’s no work at all. I know, keep on dreaming. Hasn’t  happened to me. So almost all things fall out of the window, cause I need the singular resolve of dragging myself to the gym. Gym wear, warmup, bottle of water et all.

So, hows my weight doing then? I am at that weight in my life, which gets the nod from the older generation. When the daadis and par-daadis tell you, this is the right weight mole(daughter), its time to realize you are overweight. Ok wait, I wasn’t planning to write about weight. Why did I go there AGAIN!

I have just returned from what people call a vacation. I have always gone on leaves, from work. Where I visit my parents or in-laws. This time, I did that but also managed to  wiggled in few days in a resort. So that I could call it a real vacation.

Here I am going to hastily scribble down the variety of things I noticed I should do the NEXT time I go on vacation, before I forget. This includes the ones I did get right this time, and some which I didn’t.

  1. Need to plan my attire. The hassle free, easy look, it seems comes with a lot of hassle
  2. People wear different clothes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They do.
  3. Need to be in the best possible shape before the vacation, to enjoy it. (There with the weight again)
  4. Plan and learn a little bit more about the place you are going to.
  5. Prepare your own itinerary
  6. SAVE before a vacation for *2 of the amount which shows up when you book the package.
  7. Always book an  all meals included package. Guilt free all you can eat buffets should be a part of every vacation
  8. Learn to swim!



Having said all this. I had an amazing time. Whoever said you can’t have a brilliant vacation just travelling three hours from your birth place was SO WRONG!

I SAY Hail Zuri Kumarakom!!!


Let me know if you enjoyed it!

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